The Arbitrary Fate of Someone Dangerous to Themselves or Others – In the Criminal Justice System

Without provocation, he threw objects at staff and assaulted staff, requiring manual, mechanical, and pharmacologic restraints. Shortly after being released from restraints, he assaulted a staff member by chokehold, again requiring restraints.

His escalated behavior continued the next day, during which he assaulted staff on 3 different occasions, including punching a staff member in the head with force, biting and breaking a staff member’s finger, and spraining another staff member’s wrist.

This account is excerpted from a case report of a patient with a diagnosis of bipolar type Schizoaffective admitted to a “psychiatric” hospital, transferred from a residential facility due to exacerbation of psychosis and mania in the setting of medication nonadherence and due to acquisition of a Covid-19 infection. The patient had no history of assaultiveness…Schizoaffective is generally considered to be a milder condition compared to the neurological syndrome known as “Schizophrenia”.

Covid-19 is known to wreak havoc with the neurological system and is known to trigger the neurologic symptom known as “psychosis”, so it may stand to reason that someone with a prexisting neurological syndrome that involves neurogenic dysmentation, disorders of consciousness, and severe behavioral disturbances such as assaultiveness, could experience exacerbation of pre-existing symptomology.

This patient was not arrested, charged, jailed, and prosecuted. His assaultiveness was treated as the medical condition that it was … not criminality. He was fortunate and it is possible that his fortune was rare…this writer doesn’t know. In another place and time, in another body, perhaps even another ethnicity, prosecution, conviction and punishment of his neurobehavioral symptoms would have been his cruel and unjust fate.

The full text of the case report is published in


Why Mental Health First Aid is a “Con” – As in another confabulatory concept spun out the modern day mental hygiene movement, the movement founded on the disordered and false belief systems of Adolph Meyers and his influencers. The late D.J Jaffe said in an op-ed that ‘Mental Health Kills the Mentally Ill”. Mental Health First Aid is just one more passive article of death and destruction.

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