Bad Words in Psychiatry.

Note: This site has been audited to remove the term “mental illness” from content. “Mental Illness” has been replaced with brain function disorders or illness. Psychiatric (as in neuropsychiatric) is also a disfavored term in the DJP advocacy network. DueJusticeProject holds that these illnesses are encephalopathies in the most general definition of the term. Psychosis has been replaced with neurodysmentation as much as possible with parenthetical qualification where clarity might be sacrificed. It is high time to remodel the lexicon that is used to describe this class of illness and its symptomology – to purge misguided psychoanalytical ideas from our discourse. The documents that are linked to on this page retain some of these terms.



Following are links to some critiques of the idea of “functional or conversion, or somatic” illness:

Shaky Evidence for Signs of Functional Neurological Disorders

Psychosomatic Explanations for Disease