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“Schizophrenia” Disrupts Brain’s Entire Communication System

Which is just one of the reasons why Mental Disease, Mens Rea and Actus Rea cannot be arbitrarily segregated as the law foolishly dictates. The communication system involves the conversion of mentation to goal-directed behaviors, and moreover, these unfathomably complex neural processes are not linear.

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Schizophrenia Affects the Body, Not Just the Brain

The preceding article supports DJP’s asserts that the medical community should cease distinguishing “primary psychosis” (formerly “functional psychosis)  from “secondary psychosis”.  Under this proposition, Schizophrenia would no longer be classified as a “mental illness”, it would be a medical disorder that primarily manifests as disordering the semblance of mind created by brain functionalities.

PA Legislators propose system for anonymous threat reporting

At a time when families cannot get help for their loved one with SMI, who are symptomatically dangerous (as an illness and not a form of criminality), Pennsylvania legislators want to copy systems in other states that might lead to criminal justice entrapment of people who need medical evaluation and treatment – as in this case involving the FBI:

Dangerousness standard eventually leads to death of Detective

Video: DJ Jaffe Talk at National Council for Behavioral Health

The Roots of the Concept of Mental Health

This paper reviews the origins of the current concept of mental health, starting from the strange mental hygiene movement, initiated in 1908 by consumers of psychiatric services and professionals interested in improving the conditions and the quality of treatment of people with mental disorders. The paper argues that, more than a scientific discipline, mental health is a political and ideological movement involving diverse segments of society, interested in the promotion of the human rights of people with mental disorders and the quality of their treatment
The media is leading a national conversation about mental health and violence, most often speaking of mental health and mental illness as if they are the same thing.  They are not.

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