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NOTE: – Inclusion on this list should not suggest that there are not policy and perspective disagreements with the referenced pages.  For example, DJP does not support peer counseling services as a modality of treatment or as an adjunct service for people afflicted with psychosis.  Psychosis is a neurological symptom with potentially grave consequences.  Psychosis is not a psychological or psycho-social condition.  Psychosis is a grave neurological state that disrupts cognition and waking consciousness.


Why is America So Punitive?

Due Justice Project supports general criminal justice reform – About Smart Justice and Theories of Punishment

Treatment Advocacy Center  –

Mental Illness Policy Org  –

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation  –

National Alliance on Serious Neuropsychiatric Illness –  NASNI Facebook


ABA  –

Pete Early

DueJusticeProject strongly endorses the mission of the Avielle Foundation:  “We are funding neuroscience research aimed at understanding the brain’s chemistry, structure, and circuits that lead to violence and compassion”