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NOTE: – Inclusion on this list should not suggest that there are not policy and perspective disagreements with the referenced pages.  DJP’s view is that the ACLU  has become too absorbed in certain socio-political crusades and high-profile media controversies instead of focusing on advocating for civil liberties, and has become a ‘frenemy’ of people with serious brain function disorders (so-called mental illness) with their die-with-your-rights-on activism.

DJP also joins a growing cohort of the advocacy community in strongly objecting to the misleading term “mental illness”.


Why is America So Punitive?

Due Justice Project supports general criminal justice reform – About Smart Justice and Theories of Punishment

Treatment Advocacy Center  –

Mental Illness Policy Org  –

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation  –

National Alliance on Serious Neuropsychiatric Illness –


ABA  –