“Treatment” for Symptoms of a Serious Brain Function Disorder – Pepper Spray and Stun Guns

Excerpt from this news report written by Brett Sholtis, a health reporter for WITF

…he was standing naked outside a Dauphin County hotel, where he had just punched a man. A mental health specialist working with the county prison said Thompson should be sent to a hospital for psychiatric care.

But at the hospital, a doctor ran some tests and cleared him to return to jail.


An article in a medical journal describes patients that prior to the advent of so-called antipsychotic (another of psychiatry’s hideous terms) pharmceuticals were subjected to brain surgeries that severed connections in the brain’s prefrontal cortex.

These patients were considered to be difficult nursing problems, exihibiting symptoms such as: extreme noisiness for prolonged periods of time, confusion of such a degree that they needed constant supervision, agitated, destructive, hyper-active, impulsively assaultive, denudative, smearing, soiling, requiring repeated seclusion and sedation.

Now, in the age of high technology and medical advancements, creating the trappings and illusions of modernity, human beings that would have been patients in an institution of custodial and medical care are now considered to be difficult, recalcitrant and recidivist criminals, being managed by corrections officers, guards, and wardens.

This is the cruel fate of the most vulnerable human beings on this planet and the general medical establishment that has been indulging psychiatry in its idiotic construct of “mental illness” is squarely responsible for this travesty. The operators in the criminal adjudication system, practitioners of law, and the general public as a whole have been kept in a state of medieval ignorance about the biological nature of this symptomology.

The criminal adjudication system cannot understand that these behaviors are not caused by something that is just “in the mind”, a matter of bad behavior, poor character, and criminality.

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