Dr. Nassrallah: Overwhelming Evidence that “Schizophrenia” is a Heterogenous Neurological Syndrome

This post is a link to a video presentation with a few comments about the content.

“Schizophrenia is a Neurological Syndrome”

Firstly, a person should never be referred to as “schizophrenic”. It is a shame that this adjectival form of a term that should be abolished entirely is sometimes used by clinicians…and unfortunately out of ignorance by the media as a metaphor for internal dividedness. There is no one discrete disease pathology that warrants being labelled with a singular disease name, and thus Dr. Nassrallah refers to so-called schizophrenia as a syndrome.

“Schizophrenia” in some literature is said to be the worst disease known to mankind. It can cause neurological separation from reality, which can be a potentially deadly status of the brain and can cause horrific behavioral symptoms. This is why it is a tragedy when the criminal adjudication system prosecutes and punishes people that have harmed someone. This is like punishing someone for something they did while sleepwalking. This is the most misunderstood of all medical disorders. The worst symptomatic consequences of this syndrome trigger hate and rage in people rather than compassion.

Psychiatry is riddled with problematic terminologies as a legacy of its split from neurology (something that should have never happened). Terms like “psychosis”, “dissociation”, “psychotic symptoms”, and even the term psychiatric itself are rooted in misconceptions. Psychocial Psychiatry gave us quack diagnoses like “personality disorders” and “dissociative disorders” (the two favorite diagnoses, aside from “depression” of forensic psychologists and psychiatrists that earn their living helping prosecutors send tragically ill people to prison….and too often to the execution chamber). In an article in on mdedge.com, Dr. Nassrallah asserts “Foremost, Borderline Personality Disorder must be regarded as a serious, disabling brain disorder, not simply an aberration of personality….describing these conditions as “a pervasive brain disorder associated with abnormal neurobiology and neural circuitry that might, at times, stubbornly defy thera¬≠peutic intervention”.

Psychiatry also has a problem with undifferentiated terminologies, such as using the term ‘depression’ to refer to what is really neurological phenomenon when this term should be reserved to describe mental health issues (problems dealing with life’s difficulties….mental health does not refer to medical disorders)

NASNIcares has renamed “schizophrenia” Jacobi Fleming Nasse Syndromes to make a definitive point about etiology. These names are synonymous with the Somatic (or biological) school of “psychiatry”. These doctors believed that the symptomology was biogenic….not caused by trauma or family dynamics as some of their misguided colleagues believed.

The doctor also points out that “SZ” is does not just affect mentation, it is a physical illness and that is why people with the syndrome also have a lot of medical problems…because something is wrong systemically with the body that appears to involve the immune system….leading to the tragic statistic of people with this diagnosis often dying 25 years earlier than should be expected. This is why DueJusticeProject asserts that researchers might just unlock the mysteries of other physical diseases and disorders if they could just expel the wrong-headed ideas of psychosocial psychiatry that are impeding research. It might be that the cure for cancer, for example, is in the brain.

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