Serious Brain Function Illnesses Not Just Extremes of Typical Human Personality Traits – article: Johns Hopkins Medicine

DJP applauds the title of this linked-to article, although this site began putting the term “Schizophrenia” inside quibble quotes quite some time ago.  The matter of RDoC vs the DSM, however, as a framework for the NIMH’s research programs may be much more nuanced and complex than this article suggests.  One criticism of the DSM framework for research is that the federal government was unwilling to grant research funding unless targeted to specific diseases as they are defined in the DSM (a policy that if true, Due Justice Project would oppose).

In reality, there is no sign or symptom that manifests in “Schizophrenia” that is not seen in a host of serious medical disorders or diseases, such as seizure disorders and encephalopathies, traumatic brain injuries, etc.  So-called Schizophrenia is a diagnosis of exclusion after all sorts of neurologic illnesses have been ruled out.  Absurdly, medical journals often describe the goal of differential diagnosis in this context as ruling out medical vs primary psychiatric…as if the grave, potentially catastrophic brain function illnesses known as “Bipolar”, “Schizophrenia”, and “Major Depression” are not medical.

These distinctions between medical and so-called primary psychiatric is contributing to defective hypotheses and flawed research approaches.

Medical Profession…Heal Thyself!!!

Schizophrenia Is A Disease, Not An Extreme of Normal Variation


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