Link to Article by Author Lynn Nanos

This article provides some insight into why the so-called mental health system is in such a catastrophic state of dysfunction and why advocates in the DueJusticeProject network are calling for a reclassification of “Schizophrenia”, “Bipolar”, and other illnesses (some of which should also be surrounded by quibble marks) out of psychiatry and into neurology.  The field of psychology should have nothing to do with these illnesses in that they are not ‘mental health’ problems.   Psychology and a segment of the psychiatry (biopsychosocial) field is riddled with spectrum-disordered ideas about these very serious neurological illnesses.

Psychosis is a grave neurological symptom and is not normal.  I believe that the thinking of many in the biopsychosocial community and in the mental illness (*) doesn’t exist community  – is not normal.  The ideas that Lynn Nanos bullet counter points in the bullet-list represent odd beliefs – which I believe to be on what I call the neuropsychiatric anosognosia spectrum.  These odd beliefs have resulted in the politicization of a class of diseases and disorders.

Lynn Nanos Writes: Psychosis Is Not Normal

(*) This Site does not use the deeply problematic and misleading terminology “mental illness”. It is used above for the sake of identifying the belief system of a cohort of the clinical and advocacy communities.

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