Sad News, Death of Neuroscientist Jeremy Richman, Founder of Avielle Foundation

Due Justice Project has supported the mission of Avielle Foundation.  The mission of the foundation is to prevent violence and build compassion through neuroscience research.

Neuroscientific research into serious brain function illness will lead to better diagnosis, treatment, and case management.  These measures may help us stop violence before it happens.

Medical science already knows enough to identify, treat, and case manage at-risk persons before they harm themselves or other, but competent practitioners of medicine are being undervalued and under-resourced.  The criminal justice system spurns their insights.

Right now, we are being led astray by misguided ideologies cultivated by factions of the psychology and psychiatric communities.  Their beliefs, in part, are rooted in the psychoanalytical era.  Until these ideas and beliefs are challenged, the biopsychosocial adherents will continue to hold us back from making progress toward preventing violence.

Father of Newtown Victim Dies of Apparent Suicide.


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