Students of Forensic Psychiatry See SMI Up Close.

Today,  a link is added to this blog page to an article published on the News and Events page of Lander College for Men.   

Link to article: Seeing SMI Up Close Enlightening to Forensic Psy Students

DJP especially appreciates the comments of a student who remarks about how seeing the inside of the criminal justice system opened his eyes to the harsh realities facing people with untreated mental illness:

“I saw people who did horrendous things but when you see how mentally disfigured they are, you get a different perspective,” Levtov said. “A lot of it seems like it isn’t under their control. It makes you much more empathetic to people who are accused of what many times seem like horrible crimes.”

DJP hopes that students of this program will be the wave of the future.  This type of perspective needs to be infused into the mindsets of professionals operating at every function of the criminal justice system.

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