Kendra’s Law Cannot Save Lives Until the Fallacy of So-Called Mental Illness is Done Away With

In 1999 Kendra Webdale was pushed into the path of an oncoming N train at the 23rd Street station in New York City. This tragedy led to passage of Kendra’s Law.On January 15, 2021 – it happened again. What did society learn from the horror that happened 23 years ago? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The general public cannot learn, because they have no foothold with which to begin to understand.

Society has become accustomed to seeing people living on the streets with so-called mental illness. But what is “mental illness’? What does that word mean to people? To some, it is an affliction of the soul, or someone who is just “crazy”, and to operators in the criminal adjudication system, it is perceived as a particular type of criminal-mindedness.

The man who pushed Michelle Go to her death most likely suffers from what NASNIcares calls JFNS (Jacobi Flemming Nasse Syndromes), known in psychiatry and to the world as so-called Schizophrenia – a neurological disorder so potentially catastrophic that it has been described in some literature as the worst disease known to mankind.

Looking at someone on the streets living with this affliction, the vast majority of the populace will not comprehend the gravity of the illness. This is not a person hooked up to IVs in an ICU, this is not a person who is bedridden with disease, this is a type of illness that people do not comprehend – and because of this, they fail to understand the medical attention and case management that is needed to care for afflicted persons…to keep them safe and to keep people in the community safe. People have been misled to confuse cerebral illness (so-called mental illness) with mental health (which is a metaphor that refers to non-medical psychosocial issues) and they talk about “mental illness” without having a clue as to what this term is being misused to describe.

When the op-eds flare up (as they always do after tragedies), written by anti-stigma warriors, the psychosocial psychiatry cohort, and operators in the “mental health” industrial complex, telling society that the “mentally ill” are more likely to be victims than perpetrators, tune them out – they are the ones that have miseducated you and have prevented you from acquiring the insight society needs to prevent these tragedies.

Because of society’s ignorance, Michelle Go is dead, and a brain with a potentially deadly affliction will be prosecuted.

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