Criminal Adjudication System Needs to Hold the Medical System Accountable.

This Deputy Did Just That!

Deputy Threatens To Arrest Hospital Worker

On this website, on the page titled “Criminalization of “Mental Illness”, What Does This Mean? we assert that the CJS (Criminal Justice System) needs to find ways to hold the “mental health” system accountable.

On the home page we also charge the CJS with being accountable for their own actions when charges are pressed and accused persons that have serious cerebral illnesses are prosecuted. The State hospital in this story that was reported to have had all beds occupied was most likely full because state hospitals have become criminal justice service centers, of which prosecutors are “customers” who need to have people who were neurologically detached from reality upon arrest prepared for prosecution (which should never be conflated with the good of medical care…given the horrific cruelty of so-called competency restoration).

However, America’s jails are full of people that would have never gotten caught up in the criminal adjudication system if they had received medical care and had been able to live in supported housing where applicable with 24/7 supports (in facilities such as CRRs or LTSRs for the most seriously ill) or competently case-managed (possibly augmented by AOT programs that are designed to overcome irrational dangerousness standards for hospital admission under state “mental health” procedures).

The segregated so-called mental health system is broken by design. This is the system that Adolf Meyers built (the true engineer of the Mental Hygiene Movement), The Consumer Movement, Psychosocial Psychiatry and Trauma-Informed Ideological Activists have built. These agents of catastrophe have gone unchallenged for far too long.

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