Behavioral Health Community: ‘Public Safety is Not Their Mission’, Really?

The title of this brief post is abstracted from the preface to a white paper produced by the Council of State Governments Justice Center.  CSGJC is passively critical of the behavioral health community’s tendency to distance themselves from the criminalized “4 percent”, yet fails to recognize that their own positions (undergirded by controversial research studies), that relegate serious mental illness to “criminogenic” risk, where symptomatic unlawful behaviors constitute “recidivism”, only serve to validate the calloused attitudes of the mental health community.

If public safety is not their mission…if the criminalized “4 percent” are ‘not their people’, then Due Justice Project would love to know exactly what their mission is.

There will be more commentary on this white paper in the future.

Note:  About the title……Psychosis-spectrum (neurological) disorders, such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Clinical Depression are not behavioral disorders.  The use of the term behavioral, as it is commonly used in the name of clinical facilities and services, is somewhat controversial.  It is believed to be less stigmatizing than ‘psychiatric’ or other terms.  However, behavioral disorders involve choice, they are generally psychological in nature whereas serious mental illness involve involuntary behaviors.  The disordered behaviors caused by psychosis and the dysphoric conditions of Bipolar are not “behavioral disorders”.

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