Trauma-Informed Care

NEW PAGE – October 2018

Due Justice Project needs to emphasize that criticism of trauma-Informed ideology does not align with dismissive, hostile, socio-political attacks on the very notion of victimhood.  That mode of sentiment is intended to silence and shame certain people who come forward with claims of victimization by those who have power over them.  Just because DJP does not subscribe to what it calls the pseudoscience of traumatology, it does not excuse perpetrators of sexual assault or other types of abuse.  Regardless of whether or not someone experiences traumagenic illness, as these ideologies assert, as a result of abuse or assault, abusers should be held responsible for unlawful acts.  

This page is intended to inform the reader about the underlying, often cunningly unexpressed belief systems behind Trauma-Informed care, policies, and practices as it applies specifically to neuropsychiatric illness.